The sweetest unicorn cake, wearing a tutu.  Seriously.
4-year old Paxton loves magic - so we pulled a rabbit out of the hat for him.
You can never have too much candy. Or cake.
First birthday for a little monkey.
Candyland Cake.  Princess Frostine would be proud.
Rainbows for a rainy day party
Rainbow smash cake.  Because 1st birthday photos should be full of colorful frosting smeared on happy little faces.
The original Santa Cruz skateboard (cake)
Chocolate and sprinkles and candy, oh my!
Bump, set, spike, eat.
Are you ready for some football (cake)?
Gnarly quarter(cake), dude!
We need more candy, stat!
If only all road projects were as sweet as this...
Fandom trash that you can eat.
A side view of the doodles giving way to rainbow candy goodness
Nepalese dancers love cake, too.
When a 17-year old wants a princess cake, but not a 'specific princess' cake.
Construction is just so messy sometimes.  And tasty.
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