Part of my design process is developing a sketch of the cake with all of the proposed elements.  It's rough - but gives you a good idea of what the final cake will look like.


I would love to bake for you.

call: Renee at 408-806-5435


To start - give me a call or email me with:

1) the date of the party - unfortunately, this is the most important item.  I only accept one or two cakes per weekend, and I tend to book out four to six weeks in advance.  

2) the number of guests you are expecting - even if you haven't sent out invitations yet, you probably know if the party is likely for 20 or 200.

3) the theme of the party - colors, characters, type of event, paper goods - is there something that is tying your party together?

4) the type of cake you are looking for - have you seen something online or in a magazine that you love?  send me a photo and I'll put together a design for a similar cake that will work for the size of your party.

5) any allergies that need to be accommodated.  I can make cakes and desserts that are nut, gluten, sugar, or dairy free.  I haven't figured out vegan yet - there are some awesome vegan bakers out there, but I'm not one of them.  Note: I do use nuts, wheat, sugar and dairy in my kitchen.  I do my best to avoid cross contamination, but I do not make any guarantees.